by Deniese Stroop

I bought 2 30 gallon Red Oaks that Rolands came out and planted, they were very professional, did not tear up the yard even though it had just rained and my trees look WONDERFUL, I also bought 21 Red Tips and my yard looks great, We are going back this weekend for more.

by Tammy P,

Roland has a great selection of plants and trees. They do a great job of installation and maintaining your lawn and trees. The prices are very reasonable.

by Kerri

Love this place! We purchased 5 30-gallon trees from them 2 years ago and burned up their phone line asking a zillion questions about how to care for them. They always patiently answered any and all questions we had, and the trees are healthy and spectacular. We recently purchased another 2 trees, this time 45-gallon ones. I came home to find the trees nicely planted (as they were the first time), but this time they actually arranged the limestone (which they had to dig through – well worth paying them to plant the things)around the berms, so it looked really pretty. That was such a nice touch! The employees are always knowledgable, friendly, and quite helpful. We will definitely be using this place again.

by Charles G

BEST IN WAXAHACHIE! Friendly, helpful—can’t go to a better nursery! We bought a tree that did not work out for us, they exchanged it with NO HASSLE! They are THE BEST!!!!

by Richard M

SERVICE: Everyone is always helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks.

by Emily

Roland is excellent!: Prices were on-target, and Roland helped so much to help us design our landscape. His plants were so much healthier than the competition, and he had a greater variety of unique plants from which to choose. He’ll be getting more of my money!

by Anonymous

Excellence: Roland and his team worked with us to plan a landscape that matched our goals and met our budget. The job was done on time, on budget, and exceeded our expectations. Our plants were also guaranteed. Of the few that needed replacement due to the intense summer of 2006, Roland gladly replaced them. We will use Roland and his team on any future landscaping & irrigation projects.

by J. M. Blankenship

courtesy: The employees were very helpful while my husband and I were undecided on what we wanted.


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Roland's Nursery

2240 N. HWY 77
Waxahachie, Texas
Phone: 972-923-3432
Fax: 972-938-1844
Fax: 972-923-3433